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Aftermarket Beam Accessories & Components

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Aftermarket Beam Accessories & Components

With our vast selection of high-quality and innovative tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories, Ancra has been helping to secure cargo and maximize profits for over fifty years. Our commitment to excellence and premium quality has pushed us towards being the sole leader in cargo securement. If it bears the Ancra name, you can be confident in the quality....

Ancra offers a selection of quality accessories and components for our aftermarket beam systems to increase the options available to secure your cargo as well as extend the lifespan of your beams. Our offering includes foot and channel assemblies, nut and bolt kits, and replacement tubes. With our beam accessories, you can continue to efficiently transport cargo and save time and money on replacement costs.

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Aftermarket Beam Accessory & Component Models

  • Low Profile Allen Sleeve Nut and Bolt Kit: Our low-profile allen head bolt and sleeve nut is designed with a semi-flush head height of .10-in. and is used for attaching channel assemblies to beams. The bolt has a self-locking patch to prevent the unit from loosening due to vibration when in transport.
  • Foot and Channel Assembly: Foot and channel assemblies allow you to attach beams to decking track quickly and efficiently, securely locking them into place.
  • Replacement Tube for 50186-10 Wide Top Aftermarket Beam
  • Replacement Tube for 50191-10 Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Beam
  • Replacement Tube for 49414-21 Standard Aftermarket Beam

For more information on aftermarket beam systems, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.