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Beam Nut & Bolt Kits

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Beam Nut & Bolt Kits

Ancra is committed to excellence and premium quality for all its products. Our expertise is garnered from over fifty years’ experience in the cargo securement industry, and over the years we have designed and developed a wide variety of innovative and dependable tie down products, assemblies, and accessories in order to help secure your load ... and maximize your efficiency and bottom line. Choose Ancra and we’ll help you find the best products, for the job.

Our low profile allen head bolt and sleeve nut kit comes with a semi-flush head height of .10-in. and is used for attaching channel assemblies to beams. The kit has a self-locking patch that helps to prevent the unit from loosening due to vibration and use.

For more information on our decking and shoring beams, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

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  • Low-Profile Allen Sleeve Nut & Bolt Kit

    PART# 50194-100
    • Bolt has self-locking patch to prevent loosening
    • For 43638, 49039, 49360, 49414, 50080, 50158, 50186, and 50191 beams
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