Cargo STA Bars

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Cargo STA

Ancra stands ready to help secure your cargo and maximize your efficiency and profits. Our fifty-plus year industry experience and vast array of high-quality and reliable tie downs, assemblies, and accessories has helped push us towards being the leader in cargo securement. Choose Ancra and we’ll help you get the job done....

Cargo STA shoring bars feature bolt-on feet assemblies that help to secure your cargo and lock it into place, preventing shifting. Our models come with easy release handles for convenience and simple use, and top-notch build quality includes high-quality aluminum or galvanized steel for strength and durability. Our cargo STA bars are adjustable to match your specific cargo application.

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Cargo STA Shoring Bar Models

  • Cargo STA II: Ancra’s Cargo Sta II features bolt-on feet and a recessed gear rack, which prevents a pinch point while providing a smooth exterior surface for less potential cargo damage. Its release handle is located on the handle and not the housing, ensuring easy operation.
  • Cargo STA: Built of high-quality materials and components, our standard cargo STA shoring bars keep your cargo secure with variable extension and a locking mechanism.
  • Replacement: We offer a selection of easy bolt-on replacement feet assemblies to extend the lifespan of your cargo STA shoring bars.
  • Housing: Our cargo STA shoring bar housing also includes the rack and lever assembly, extending the lifespan of your bars and saving you money down the road. Comes complete with necessary hardware.

CAUTION: Due to variations in trailer wall construction, Cargo STA bars do not have rated Working Load Limits. Read and follow instructions on bar labels.

For more information on our shoring bars, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.