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Dolly Tire Straps

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Dolly Tire Straps

With Ancra you can be confident your load is secure. For over fifty years we have been providing premium quality through our vast catalog of heavy-duty, innovative tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories to solve even the most unique and difficult cargo securement challenges. All our products are constructed of the highest-quality materials and ... components we can offer; if it wears the Ancra name, it can be trusted. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best tool for the job.

Ancra dolly tire straps are ideal for securing vehicles to automobile-towing dollies. Built strong to last long, our straps are made with high-strength, latex-treated polyester webbing, which has undergone substantial abrasion testing to ensure high quality and durability. To secure a tire, simply wrap the dolly strap around the vehicle tire as intended and secure the end hardware to the trailer. Ancra dolly straps come with a selection of end hardware, including round rings, S hooks, and spring E fittings so you have more versatility.

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  • 2” x 7’ Tire/Wheel Dolly Strap

    PART# 47934-11
    UPC# 092888300556
    • Designed to hold tires up to 8” wide and up to 22” high
    • 2” heavy-duty yellow polyester webbing with steel ring
    • Forms choker hitch around tires
    • Opposite end feeds into ratchet
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  • 10” x 34” Wheel Dolly Strap w/S-Hooks

    PART# 47935-11
    UPC# 092888238194
    • Designed to hold tires up to 10” wide and up to 34” high
    • Steel S-Hooks secure one end to floor mounted anchors
    • Opposite end feeds into ratchet
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  • Wheel Dolly Strap w/Spring E Fittings

    PART# 47935-12
    • For 10” wide x 24” height tires
    • Working Load Limit of 1,300 lbs
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Dolly Tire Strap Models:

  • Wheel Dolly Strap with Spring E Fittings: WLL: 1,300 lbs. / 590 kg.
  • Wheel Dolly Strap with S Hooks: WLL: 800 lbs. / 363 kg.
  • Wheel Dolly Strap with Round Ring: WLL: 900 lbs. / 410 kg.

For more information on how our automotive tire straps can maximize your efficiency and profits, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.