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Driver Assist Straps

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Driver Assist Straps

For over fifty years Ancra has been shaping and defining the cargo securement industry through our excellent service and ever-growing catalog of innovative and reliable tie down products. All our products are built using only the highest-quality materials and components we can offer to keep you confident on the job; if it wears the Ancra name,... it can be trusted. Whether you’re looking to tackle a simple or demanding tie down challenge, we have the expertise to help you find the best product for the job.

Ancra’s Driver Assist Straps lend a hand to drivers and dock workers climbing into and out of trailers. The 36-inch strap with a reinforced 12-inch loop handle with a heavy-duty wear sleeve connects to existing E or A track, offering a convenient handgrip for a more secure entry and exit. Driver assist straps are assembled with high-strength components for a rated user weight limit of 320 lbs. A thumb screw on the keeper provides a locking feature for added security with the track connection.

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  • Dual Loop Driver Assist Strap

    PART# 10902-21
    • Designed for added stability when exiting or entering trailer
    • Reinforced handle provides extra comfort
    • Offers dual grip points for entry and exit
    • 320 lbs. Working Load Limit
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Driver Assist Strap Models

  • Driver Assist Strap: Made of high-strength components to support a rated user weight limit of 320 lbs., our driver assist straps can give you a convenient helping hand.
  • Dual Loop Driver Assist Strap: An additional loop handle is provided that positions a second hand hold closer to the fitting, which is intended to be used for added stability while exiting the trailer.

For more information on how our driver assist straps can help maximize your efficiency and bottom line, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.