Heavy-Duty Strength for Heavy-Duty Cargo

Through superior design, quality, materials, and attention to detail, Ancra’s advanced engineering capabilities raise product performance to the highest level. We pride ourselves on remaining close to our customers by listening to them and responding promptly and accordingly. Today, Ancra products are hard at work on land, in the air, and on the sea, serving all phases of the material handling industry and getting the job done.

Superior Design
Quality Details

Providing unchallenged support when it comes to securing heavy-duty cargo.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality materials and components for all our heavy-duty products. With options ranging from high-density polymer to high-strength carbon alloy steel, we have a product designed for nearly every cargo restraint situation in the flatbed and interior van trucking market. Our variety of finishes on metal products improves durability and longevity; powder coat finishes and our own X-Treme Zinc finish on winches, buckles, and hardware provide high-performance resistance to rust and corrosion, meaning you’ll be able to rely on them for years.


ANCRA CARGO- This is what innovation sounds like.


Ancra Cargo is very proud of it's employees. To that end, as a part of our employee appreciation week, we created a 10 minute action movie spoof as a way of saying thank you to all of our employees for their hard work over the last 18 months of the pandemic.

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Highest Level Product Performance.

Ancra Cargo is dedicated to engineering some of the most reliable solutions to securing valuable heavy-duty cargo. This kind of dedication allows us to continue to shape the industry for the better with our detailed array of cargo restraint and handling products for both flatbed and interior van applications. From webbing to hardware, hooks, chains, beams, and bars, we offer standard and unique products as well as every single high-quality component that makes our products function beyond your expectations.

No other company takes as much care in developing and producing the highest quality cargo restraint products as Ancra Cargo. With more than 50 years’ industry experience and continuous innovation through technological and engineering leadership, we have the know-how and the capability to deliver the very best in cargo securement across the globe. View our catalog or get in touch with a representative for more information on our extensive line of tie-down and securement solutions.