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Pallet Deck

With our extensive catalog of innovative and reliable tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories, Ancra has been providing excellence and premium quality to our customers for over fifty years. Constantly striving towards being the sole leader in cargo securement innovation, we are always designing and developing new solutions to unique challenges. Contact us and we’ll help secure your load and maximize your efficiency and bottom line....

Ancra’s pallet deck provides you a solid platform to safely organize and add a layer of securement to your cargo. Made from durable 2-in. square tube with a zinc flo-coat for resistance against rust and corrosion, our pallet deck is built to be tough but designed to be simple and easy to place and install. By adding an additional deck to your cargo layout, you can effectively double your cargo and your profits by simultaneously reducing damage claims and saving you time, money, and headaches. Its working load limit of 5,500 lbs./2,495 kg. makes it a strong model with the longevity to back it up. With Ancra’s pallet deck, you have the freedom to organize your load in the most efficient manner possible and get the job done right.

For more information on how Ancra decking solutions can maximize your efficiency and profits, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

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  • 46" x 92" x 56" Pallet Deck

    PART# 49988-10
    • Made from 2” x 2” square tube with zinc flo-coat finish
    • 5,000 lbs. working load limit
    • 46” deep x 92” wide x 56” high
    • Padlock not included
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  • Knock Down Pallet Deck

    PART# 50480-100
    • Full dimensions: 92” x 56” x 47”
    • Folded dimensions: 92” x 47” x 14.1”
    • Working Load Limit of 5,000 lbs.
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