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Poly Deck Board

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Poly Deckboard

Ancra’s fifty-plus years of experience as well as our extensive catalog of innovative and reliable tie downs, assemblies, and accessories has helped push us towards being the leader in the cargo securement industry. With Ancra, you can maximize your efficiency and bottom line and be confident your load is secured. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best product for the job....

Ancra’s patented Poly Deckboard is ergonomic and convenient, making for a solid platform for cargo securement. Designed to be used with our Lift-A-Deck II and standard E beams to create a second deck for cargo support, the Poly Deckboard helps to increase trailer capacity as it weighs 50% less than the typical plywood deck board. The convenient hand slots make the design ergonomic and easy to handle and reposition, and the unit is stackable with nests for convenient and organized storage. It helps to reduce labor to clean out trailers and docks as it is splinter proof, and its durability and longevity reduces purchase frequency, increasing your overall ROI. The Poly Deckboard withstands forklift abuse that normally destroys plywood panels, and it has been tested to demonstrate durability under load and vibration. For the toughest build, we made the Poly Deckboard with high-density polyethylene for excellent low temperature performance down to -40°F and resistance to moisture and other adverse weather conditions.

The Poly Deckboard by Ancra is built to be tough and long-lasting, and can help to increase savings over time. Try our Poly Deckboard Savings Calculator to find your Total Annual Value per truck/trailer and per fleet here.

For beams set at 24-in. on center. Comes with 3-year warranty.

For more information, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

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  • Poly Deckboard for Lift-A-Deck II System

    PART# 50105-11
    • For beams set at 24” on center
    • Tough high-density polyethylene with low temperature performance down to -40°F
    • Tested to demonstrate durability under load and vibration at -40°F
    • Lighter than plywood, ergonomic, splinter proof, stackable, durable, and recyclable
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