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Only Ancra gives you so many decking options.

Cargo beams and Lift-A-Deck beams are rated at Working Load Limits (WLL) that are 1/3 of the breaking strength or failure load capacity of the beams. In order to account for dynamics and vibrations that are experienced during transit and avoid overloading the beams beyond the WLL rating, the actual weight of cargo supported by the beams should be reduced below the rated WLL value of the beam. The allowable weight of cargo supported by the beams should be factored down based on anticipated dynamic G forces expected during transit. Below are typical examples of de-rated weight carrying values for beams based on a range of expected levels of transport dynamics.

– Beams can be positioned in one-inch increments for most efficient utilization of space
– Beams easily moved by just one operator
– Low Profile locking mechanism to help protect against forklift damage.

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