Retract-A-Roll 4 – Ancra’s BEST Roller Floor System!

By Jennifer McVey | April 12, 2018

Ancra International, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cargo handling and restraint systems for a variety of industries, is proud to introduce a new addition to our diverse lineup of Retract-A-Roll systems.

The Retract-A-Roll 4 is the latest state-of-the-art pneumatic roller track system bringing aircraft technology to your trailers. The Retract-A-Roll 4 is easy to operate and even easier to maintain. With the improved design, loading and unloading is quicker – drastically reducing material handling time, which falls right to the bottom line.

Ancra’s pneumatic roller track systems are powered by the pneumatics off your trucks existing air supply, built to take abuse of forklifts and instantly convert back to a smooth floored trailer for general freight operations. In addition, Ancra’s Retract-A-Roll systems are manufactured with safety interlock. Should the operator fail to lower the roller system, a backup safety control value automatically lowers rollers when the vehicles brakes are released, assuring the load remains secure while in transit, employees stay safe, and there is no damage to surrounding structures caused by any shift in cargo.

The controls for Retract-A-Roll are centrally located in an easy to access weatherproof container, making operation easy, safe, and reliable.

The biggest advantage of Retract-A-Roll 4 is the heavy duty top plate featuring a dual skate wheel design. Hi-strength, 11-gauge stamped, interlocking steel top plates have a galvanized finish to fight corrosion and are easy to remove for maintenance, only being held in place with two screws. Only 40 total screws are needed in a standard 5-lane system compared to 220 screws required in other systems. The dual skate wheel design results in a smaller opening in the top plate to help prevent any debris from entering and puncturing the air bag, lowering maintenance cost and downtime.

Ancra’s Retract-A-Roll systems are designed with flexibility in mind and can be retrofitted in virtually any trailer, even used trailers. Thus, breathing new life into an existing piece of equipment, making it nearly as efficient as a trailer straight off the production line.