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Series F Logistic Tracks

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Series F Logistic Track

Ancra can help to secure your load and maximize your efficiency and bottom line through our fifty-plus years of experience and vast selection of heavy-duty and reliable tie down tools, assemblies, and accessories. Committed to excellence and premium quality, Ancra will help you find the best product to get the job done....

Our Series F logistic track is made to be strong, efficient, and last for years to come. The track is built with high-strength steel for maximum durability and designed with circular slots to fit with Series F end fittings and shoring beams. For tougher resistance against rust and corrosion, we finished our galvanized track with a G-90 hot dip and surface chemical treatment, while our painted track is finished with a powder coat or semi-gloss enamel. Series F track is available in horizontal configurations.

Note: Reference TTMA RP No. 47 for installation. Attach track using screws, rivets or by welding. Contact vehicle manufacturer or qualified installer to determine fastener size and mounting method. WARNING: Welding of galvanized material may emit toxic fumes. Please use caution and proper ventilation.

For more information on our track and for custom lengths, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.

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