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Shoring Bars

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Shoring Bars

For over fifty years, Ancra’s commitment to excellence and premium quality has allowed us to help secure our customers’ cargo and maximize their efficiency and profits. With our vast selection of innovative and high-quality tie downs, assemblies, and accessories, we have been able to constantly push towards being the leader in the ... cargo securement industry. Choose Ancra and we’ll help you find the right product for the job.

To secure van trailer cargo and keep it from shifting forward and back, Ancra offers a selection of high quality shoring bars. Made of high-quality steel in both round and square models and adjustable to up to 2-in. increments, our shoring bars are versatile and convenient. Our STA bars, heavy-duty jack bars, and shoring hoops all give you a range of options to tackle even the most challenging cargo applications.

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Shoring Bar Models

  • Series F: Our Series F shoring bars are built of high-quality steel and come in both round and square configurations depending on what working load limit or specific application you may need.
  • Cargo STA: Ancra’s Cargo STA bars feature bolt-on feet to lock cargo into place and prevent shifting. Made of high-quality aluminum and galvanized steel, they are built to be strong but simple to use with easy release handles.
  • Hoops: Designed to help restrain the movement of small packages of cargo within your truck or trailer. Two hoops and attachment hardware are included providing easy mounting.
  • Jack Bars: Ancra jack bars feature 4-in. x 4-in. bolt-on feet assemblies and are designed for use in general duty cargo applications. They feature 1-1/2-in. square heavy-gauge, galvanized steel tubing with a cycle tested, heavy duty automotive jack assembly.

For more information on our shoring bars, call our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-233-5138.