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Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap

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Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap

Make your job easier, safer, and more efficient with Ancra. Our wide selection of heavy-duty, innovative products helps to fulfill several cargo tie down applications....

Convert any winch into a ratcheting winch by adding Ancra’s Overdrive Ratcheting Cap. The Overdrive Ratcheting Cap has been engineered to feature the enhanced ratcheting mechanism employed by all Ancra’s ratcheting winches. With a ratcheting winch, the winch bar stays in the winch until the strap is tight, and so tensioning time is reduced by 33% and the risk of winch bar rollover is reduced.

The lubricated cap with a Grime Guard Weather-Tight Seal fits over the existing winch cap without having to remove the winch from the trailer, making it faster and safer than conventional winches, and all seals are internal so there is no outer rubber seal needed, which can deteriorate over time. The Overdrive Ratcheting Cap installs easily onto most standard winches using the hardware provided, and the rotating pawl ratchet mechanism is a more trouble-free design than the sliding pin mechanism on other models. The outside shape of the unit will change to accommodate the revised ratchet mechanism design, but the total weight remains 3.5-lbs. Made with durable, heat-treated steel, the drive cap is built for years of consistent use.

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To install the Overdrive Ratcheting Cap onto any existing winch:

  1. Simply slide the OverDrive unit over the cap of the existing winch.
  2. Rotate cap to line up holes and insert pin.
  3. Secure it with a bolt.

It’s that simple. All necessary parts are included. The Overdrive Ratcheting Cap comes with a 1-yr. warranty. For more information about Ancra’s one-year product warranty, please call Customer Service at 800-233-5138.

Ancra winches comply with DOT, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905 regulations.