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Heavy Duty Strap Storage Bands

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Heavy-Duty Strap Bands

Give us your problem, and we’ll give you our most efficient solution. Tired of your Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps tangling up and taking up a lot of space? Tired of winding up these Straps only to have them unravel as soon as you let go? This is an all-too-common problem almost everyone faces in the cargo control industry. That’s why our Heavy-Duty Strap Bands are the ideal solution that’s exactly right for you....

Everything you need to know is right there in the title. Manufactured for heavy-duty usage, these 1-inch wide bands are designed to easily wrap around the rolled-up Ratchet Strap or Winch Strap and keep it tightly rolled up while preventing it from coming undone. With these bands keeping a tight grip on your Straps, maintenance and storage are a lot easier now. This saves you a lot of space in your workshop or garage while freeing up time otherwise wasted on untangling or replacing damaged Straps. For your convenience, we’re offering 5 Heavy-Duty Strap Bands per package to help make your tie down jobs a bit less stressful.

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  • Heavy-Duty Strap Storage Band

    PART# 50433-10
    • 7” L x 1” W Ancra-blue heavy-duty rubber
    • Used to keep stored straps from unrolling
    • Comes in a pack of 5 bands
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