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Twin Clevis G70

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Twin Clevis G70

Ancra’s vast selection of heavy-duty cargo control products and accessories can help to maximize your efficiency and bottom line. With over fifty years’ experience, Ancra is constantly shaping the industry and striving to be the sole leader in cargo securement innovation. Let us help you find the product you need to get the job done and done right....

The twin clevis grade 70 link design is convenient for multiple connections, securing cargo chain from both sides. This extra option gives you more freedom to tackle unique tie down challenges. Built of strong forged steel and finished with zinc plated gold chromate for protection against rust and corrosion, the twin clevis G70 is durable and dependable for several years of use.

Twin Clevis G70 Models:

7/16-in. — 1/2-in. Twin Clevis G70

3/8-in. Twin Clevis G70

1/4-in. — 5/16-in. Twin Clevis G70

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  • 1/4″ to 5/16″ Twin Clevis Hook

    PART# 50017-10
    • 1/4”—5/16” forged steel with zinc-plated gold chromate
    • 0.47” throat opening and 0.43” clearance behind the pin
    • Working Load Limit of 4,700 lbs.
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  • 7/16″ to 1/2″ Twin Clevis Hook

    PART# 50017-12
    • 7/16”—1/2” forged steel with zinc-plated gold chromate
    • 0.65” throat opening and 0.63” clearance behind the pin
    • Working Load Limit of 11,300 lbs.
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  • 3/8″ Twin Clevis Hook

    PART# 50017-11
    • 3/8” forged steel with zinc-plated gold chromate
    • 0.53” throat opening and 0.48” clearance behind the pin
    • Working Load Limit of 6,600 lbs.
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